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 That's why we encourage you to leave your worries behind and let our family vacation specialists manage the details so you can focus on making memories.

 From flights and accommodations to tours and activities, we'll manage and monitor your vacation every step of the way, so you enjoy every moment. You won’t return home feeling like you need a vacation. 

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We understand that planning a family trip can be a stressful experience.

Picture a family vacation where you return feeling refreshed, and not like you need to recover.

Theme Park planning made easy – We’ll help you navigate complex theme park options so you won’t lose your mind.

Cruising with the kids is a great all-inclusive value

Magic beyond the theme parks – Adventures by Disney

Multi-generational travel – take the whole family and grandma and grandpa too!

Guided group tours are the most convenient and affordable way to see the world.

There is no one-size-fits-all vacation. We get it and we can help open doors to new and exciting experiences everyone will enjoy. 

You’ve gone to infinity and beyond planning and they still say, “I’m bored?”

The hardest part is deciding what to pack

Benefits of working with me as your trusted travel advisor.

Personalized itinerary planning

Expert advice

Support before, during and after travel

Access to exclusive benefits, discounts and perks through our hotel and consortia partnerships

The convenience of shopping online with personalized assistance from our experts

Types of Travel Adventures

Theme Park vacations made easy
Other Disney Destinations
Family-friendly cruises
All-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean
Family-focused guided group tours
Custom international trips
Adult escapes for parents who need a break
Multi-generational travel

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Kind Words from Beautiful Clients

The planning and enjoyment of our recent international trip was greatly enhanced because of Brenda’s role as our travel advisor. Brenda was professional, responsive, efficient and proactive throughout the entire process. Having her help during the planning process saved me time and made for a better trip plan overall. Traveling internationally it was comforting to know she was there if we had an issue.

- Michele D.

We felt supported and cared for every step of the way. Brenda took inventory of our hopes and needs including budget, and helped us create the perfect trip. We are so grateful for her time and patience through the entire process.

- Jessica C.

Brenda is truly professional. From looking at options to the final preparations, she handled everything with precision and a high attention to detail. From this point on, we will use no one but Brenda. She made it so easy. Can’t recommend her enough. A+++

- Greg T.

Our travel agent, Brenda Kaufman, did an amazing job! My wife and I planned my 70th birthday to Hawaii. We visited the islands of Maui and Kauai. Brenda was extremely helpful in setting everything up with the flights, vehicle rentals, transfers, hotels and excursions. This was a most memorable trip for us, largely made possible through Brenda's efforts.

- Mike M.

Brenda Kaufman will go the extra mile for you! If you're looking for the best agent who is knowledgeable of all rules and regulations, she is the agent for you!

- Patti Sue

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my signature planning process:

Step One: Discovery Call

Let’s get to know each other. Tell me what’s on your wish list. Let’s brainstorm and dream together. 


Step Two: Design & Plan

The fun part! We’ll research the destination, look for family-friendly accommodations, find lots of fun things to do there, and look for the most practical way to get you there and back, with careful consideration for your budget.


Step Three: The Proposal

We’ll present you with a detailed daily itinerary and cost estimate. Choose what you like most and work with me to fine tune the details, so it checks off all your boxes. Then secure your reservation with a deposit.


Step Four: Know Before You Go

We’ll be in touch prior to your trip with helpful travel tips and important information about your destination. Then approximately 2-weeks before you travel, we will confirm everything one last time and provide you with all the necessary travel documents. 


Step Five: Bon Voyage! 

Celebrate and have the time of your life! Remember, if you need anything I am just a phone call or WhatsApp message away.


Step Six: Welcome Home

I can’t wait to hear all about your journey! Don’t forget to share your favorite photos with me too. I want to know what you loved most about your trip as well as what could be improved. Don’t wait! Let’s start planning your next adventure right away!



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a planning fee?

Most of the time, no. In most cases, we are paid a commission by the travel supplier after you return from your trip. However, if we plan multi-destination itineraries, wedding and event planning, itineraries and changes to your trip that require excessive time and attention, and for all non-commissionable services, we charge a fee based on our time and the complexity of the trip. We will advise you during our discovery call of any potential fees. View of services and pricing agreement here.

What if I decide to cancel?

Planning your trip requires a great deal of time in the weeks and month before you depart for vacation. Our suppliers pay us a commission after you return from your trip. We work on your behalf whether you travel or not. We understand that unexpected things occur that may cause you to cancel or postpose your trip, however it is with respect that we require a cancellation fee equal to 50% of your trip deposit should you have to cancel. We will waive the cancellation fee if you postpone your trip and rebook the same destination and package for a future date.

How are payments made?

Magic Family Travel only accepts credit card payments, and we require a signed, electronic credit card authorization prior to every transaction. We use a PCI compliant system to collect your credit card details, but other arrangements can be made if you do not feel comfortable giving us that information electronically. Following our initial consultation, and prior to deposit, Magic Family Travel will collect your credit card information via a secure link. All supplier payments will be made directly with each supplier using their secure payment systems. Payments will follow a schedule on your invoice as noted in our terms and conditions. If there are any service fees, those will be collected separately. Other than and applicable service fees, we do not collect any payments directly.

Can you give me an itemized quote showing the cost of each individual component?

Whenever possible, we break down prices for you on your quote so you can see what the individual components of a trip will cost. We understand this information will help you to decide what components you want to keep, and where you’d like to cut back.

Sometimes that’s not possible. Many tour operators negotiate confidential wholesale rates with their individual suppliers and are contractually unable to break down costs for us when pricing a customized itinerary or package. Most of our suppliers are very accommodating and can tweak their packages to be more in line with your budget, but sometimes their contracts prevent them from sharing the negotiated rates for things like tours, drivers, or hotels, with us.

We are very selective and vet our suppliers thoroughly. We only work with those who are committed to negotiating fair prices for outstanding products and services for our clients. We know it’s frustrating to not see the price of every item (we can’t see them either), but this has become an industry standard with many tour operators.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

Absolutely, 100%! Your vacation is a big investment in your time and money. Most trips require a deposit made at the time of booking and then a final, nonrefundable payment several months prior to departure. There are all kinds of risks and unexpected occurrences that potentially could affect your travel plans, from health scares, natural disasters, political unrest, unexpected family emergencies, you name it. The average cost of travel insurance is generally between 2% and 6% of the overall cost of your vacation. That’s a small price to pay in the scheme of things to protect your investment. We are happy to give you a quote through our preferred insurance providers, or you can choose to purchase it through your own insurance company – the important thing to us is that you are covered. If you decide to opt out of travel insurance, we will ask you to sign a waiver at the time you make your deposit.

Are you available to help during travel?

Yes! Not only will you be able to reach us 24/7, but we will also provide you with other local contacts in the same time zone where you are traveling, as well as “hotlines” managed by our suppliers. Your travel insurance company will also offer concierge services and 24/7 support for any complication that may arise - another benefit of purchasing travel insurance.

Do you book Airbnb’s?

We offer a large selection of villas and rental properties both within the US and around the world that have been carefully vetted by industry professionals. We do not support consumer to consumer Airbnb as they don’t meet our strict standards and come with added risk. Our clients are surprised to learn that in many cases, we have found the same or similar Airbnb properties available through our preferred suppliers for the same (sometimes less) cost, and with added support. 

What if I book the Airbnb on my own, can you help me plan the other components of my vacation?

No. Because our relationship with you is contractual, and we are technically managing all or part of your vacation, we could face liability should something happen to you or any member of your travel party involving the Airbnb. Our insurance provider has recommended that we refuse projects that included an Airbnb property. We would love the opportunity to help you with future vacations or to quote a rental property through one of our preferred suppliers.

How long does the planning process take?

The amount of time it takes to plan a trip from our initial consultation to booking depends on a variety of factors, including how far in advance you’ve contacted us, the complexity of the itinerary, the number of suppliers involved, as well as how many changes you make to the initial proposal.

We can usually provide a quote for Disney, cruises and all-inclusive packages the same day. In general, it takes 7-10 business days after the initial discovery call for us to complete a fully customized itinerary for more complex trips. After the proposal is delivered, we ask that you review and respond as soon as possible to guarantee your choices and rates.

How far in advance should we contact you?

As soon as possible. It is never too soon to start the process. It’s true rates and availability may not be available, and we may not be able to make a deposit earlier than 12-18 months, but we can certainly begin looking and collecting ideas. In most cases, we can even give you a “ballpark” cost. When our booking windows open, we’ll be ready with a plan and will have access to the best selection of hotels, flights, and activities.

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